Thursday, March 18, 2010

Facebook Feb 21st - 22nd

Feb 21st: I'm on Club Penguin cart surfing to earn coins for Grace's penguin. Ain't nobody can top me in the mines, N-O-B-O-D-Y. If you think different, step on up pardner. I'm the penguin in the purple gown and the long brown hair racking up the points. Bring your A game and prepare to recognize!

* The First World War (2003) This mini-series is showing on the Military Channel this month and I think it's superb. It's British, so it focuses a bit too much on their experience, but that's to be expected. @ least it makes an effort to inc the Eastern front & the Turks. A bit too heavy on the 'evil' Boche cliche early on, but overall it's balanced if rudimentary. Worth a look.

* Proof that advertising seeps into the brain: I took my two oldest to the grocery store to look for plain yogurt. No luck, but there was plenty of Activia. As soon as they saw it on the shelves both girls pointed and sang, in harmony, the Activia jingle.

Feb 22nd: Pediatricians call for a choke-proof hot dog Jeez-us. What's next? Scooping the crap out of their bum to avoid the risk of a hemorroids? Shaving their head so their hair won't get stuck in a whirlpool? Cut the hot dog lengthwise and problem solved. By the time my kids are my age we'll have ditched the eagle and made our national icon the pu**y.

* Koss sues American Express over Sachdeva purchases What crap. Koss hires a thief, is oblivious to how she's gouging them, American Express notifies them and stops the bleeding - and Koss turns around and sues them. Way to further America's decent into litigious Suckassyness.

* First Dick Cheney is hospitalized, now Bob Dole. It's a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. I wish them both a speedy recovery

Archaeologist sees proof for Bible in ancient wall

* Dems, GOP: Summit will not break logjam on health Quoting the lead paragraph of the article: "Realistically, he's just hoping to win a big enough slice to silence the talk of a failing presidency." That's a far cry from the fawning MSM of '08.

* Archer's been renewed for a 2nd season! Hot Dog

* Chavez of Venezuela, Uribe of Colombia in shouting match - I'm w/ you Uribe. I'd swear at him too, if he was funding guerillas who cross the border and terrorize my citizens. Not that it matters to El Presidente KooKoo, but he's the reason I haven't visited a Citgo in close to four years.

* For our anniversary we were granted 2 1/2 hr w/out children, all in the middle of the day. Long enough to stop and buy some needed pet food, wait for a table at Olive Garden, and scarf down some food. I'm grateful 4 the break, but 4 the record: on my bday, if I don't find a babysitter, I'm locking the kids in the shed ...with a water bottle, a loaf of bread, and a harmonica. Ok, 2 bottles of water. Maybe 3. ;)

-all kidding aside, my folks and sister Kwatched the little ones for most of the afternoon, and while we had the older girls they did try to stay out of our way (and my mother-in-law kindly picked them up from school, saving us a trip).


William Wood Field said...

"...I'm locking the kids in the shed...with a water bottle, a loaf of bread, and a harmonica..."

Harmonica? An accordion perhaps. I mean, we're talking Milwaukee here guy.

But the basic idea is sound.

Bridgett said...

Happy belated anniversary to you guys!