Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Father's Day 2012


It's been a pretty darn good day.

For starters, late the night before I stopped by my parent's place and dropped off a gift for my Dad. I gave him my copy of Jeff Shaara's A Blaze of Glory and two catcus plants that Lisa put in a wicker gift basket and packaged beautifully, finishing it off with a bow. Naturally, the first thing my Dad did was stumble and overturn the plants, ruining the effect! LOL (no matter; he loved them).

(Lisa bought me a 14" cookie to celebrate the day, and I'm proud to say I only enjoyed two pieces and left the rest for the kids.)

For much of the day the holiday was spent as it should be, sans kids. As I wrote on Facebook:

I have successfully rid myself of all but one kid and I aim to keep it that way as long as I can. The best Father's Day gift you can give a father of four young'ins? Keeping them the bleep outta my hair before I lose what little is left of it. :)

For lunch Lis and I went alone to La Salsa, a restaurant that opened for business only the night before, although another location has been in business for years.


 The food was cheap, great tasting, and plentiful. The fajitas I ordered filled me up halfway into the order, and wound up being my dinner too.  It's within walking distance of our home, which is another plus.

Then it was time for a true rarity, a short but wonderful nap.

I ran to Home Depot for some items for LuLu's room re-do, then spent much of the next three hours enjoying my long-awaited gift, a brand new lawnmower Lisa had had on lawaway since April! Whoo-hoo!


What the hey - a beauty like this deserves two pics!


Or even three!


As I was putting the mower together LuLu returned home, which was a bit annoying (see the FB post above), but turned out to to be a blessing as she was pretty darn adapt at helping me assemble it. We then walked to the gas station while YaYa prepped the yard, but as we were filling the gas can we noticed a big crack on the bottom. Luckily the attendant loaned me a spare can and so the mowing commenced . .


'Twas a thing of beauty, it was. While I was cutting the lawn YaYa commenced to trimming with our brand-new trimmer


but sadly, that didn't go as well. Oh, the trimming got done, but the shield you see attached in the picture broke off a few minutes later, 20 minutes after being unboxed. Back to the store tomorrow!

So the lawn got mowed and trimmed, I took out the edger and did the backyard, and then pruned the so-called "Bonsai" bushes in front of the house. At about that time my neighbor Glen came home and asked if he could see "the new baby".

Basking in my manhood I showed him the new beauty. He marveled at it, and I offered to let him borrow it (he had loaned me his while we were waiting for the lawaway). "No, I couldn't, " he said. "Using this and then going back to mine, man, it would only make me cry."

Darn tootin'

After all that I was exhausted but rounded up the family, got them off to bed, then showered and hunkered down for a night with Lisa only to discover she wasn't feeling well and went to bed by 8:30. So it was on to Blogger, and, shortly, either a good book or a cheesy movie.

Best. Fathers Day. To. Date.

I hope all the Father's out there can say the same! We deserve it!

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