Monday, June 11, 2012


I've finally finished watching the complete (to date) BBC series Primeval.

For those unfamiliar with the show, rips in time ( an "anomaly", yet another word I can never pronounce correctly) have started popping up throughout the UK. Their existence is a state secret, which is rather difficult to accept since they routinely spit pre-historic creatures out into shopping centers and highways.

A less than crack team of experts is assembled to contain these incidents. There's the evolutionary scientist and his protege, a young female zoologist, and a nerdy computer geek. Somehow, the British government deems this group up to the task; forget the dinosaur on the motorway, that's suspension of disbelief on an epic scale.

Is it high literature of the airwaves? No of course not. It's about dinosaurs romping through your kiddie pool. But it is good fun, and over time the show evolves (no pun intended). The military is brought in to back up the group and by season 4, when the new lead assumes control of the team, it has morphed into a well-funded and professional operation.

As time goes on the characters grow and change too, and what starts out as a harmless creature feature of the week becomes a show with a moderately complex conspiracy running beneath the surface.

Connor, the before mentioned computer geek, steals the show, becoming a confident and able part of the team over the years, but I have a soft spot for James Lester (played by Ben Miller), the droll and nattily dressed bureaucrat overseeing the operation. Oh, and Lucy Brown  is hot. Majorly hot.

It's a very good show. Go stream it on Netflix.

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