Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How I spent Inauguration Day 2009

When I was in kindergarten my teacher, Sister Pat, led us into the music room across the hall to watch the Reagan Inauguration. A short time later she announced that the hostages in Iran were free, and made a point of saying it occurred on Reagan's watch.

I don't remember if I knew what any of it meant at the time, but I must have. I look at my girls, who are roughly the same age I was then, and they have depths of understanding that would seem unbelievable to someone who's never had kids. I imagine it was much the same for me back in 1981.

So I'm a little disappointed that neither of my girls were given the opportunity to watch Obama's inauguration (no word yet on whether Smiley's school showed the event). Not that I like the guy or buy his rhetoric - I think that's obvious - but it is history, and a shining example to the world that even after 200 years we still believe in a peaceful transition of power to the opposition.

28 years from now it would've been grand for one or both of them to blog about their memories of today.

[By the way, I received an email asking why I closed comments on the Bush post. It was meant as a . . .heartfelt message more than anything, and if I'd had a way to do it I would have made that entry 'private'. It wasn't intended to spark a debate and so I made sure it didn't. We'll all argue about him another time :)]

As for me, I listened to about five minutes of the speech while on the way to change a flat on my Escort. My wife had loaned the car to her friend Chris, aka She of Negative Car Karma, and in ten minutes time she'd managed to all but shred the right front tire. What's worse the car was parked on a wide swatch of snow and ice, and I foolishly failed to dig out a base for the jack. Result? The jack slipped and the car dropped, ruining the jack.

While I waited by the Escort she took my van to go pick up another jack. She called a few minutes later to say that she couldn't start the van. I told you, cars hate the woman. It turns out she had just locked the wheel and it was a one second fix.

At two I took Lump into the doc for her checkup. She is 33 inches tall and weighs 24 pounds. Those numbers place her in the 90th percentile for height (meaning 90% of girls her age are shorter) and in the 25th percentile in weight (meaning 75% of girls her age are heavier).

In other words, she's tall and skinny.

The doc thinks she has allergies, since her runny nose is perpetual, and gave us a prescription. Other than that, she's perfectly healthy. She didn't cry or even flinch during the *four* shots she got, but bawled and fought over the blood test.

Here's the part I don't like. When I tried to report in the results to Lisa I was told the doctor had already called and told her everything. This is the second time a doc from that office has done this; the first time a Doctor flat out said she didn't trust me to properly relay her findings because she 'knows how men are'.


Mind you, this is one of the most respected and learned pediatrician offices in the city. But the reverse-sexism explicit in their calls just galls the hell out of me.

Speaking of doctors I fear I'm going to need one. My sinuses have been clogged for weeks now and now I'm staring to get very minor nosebleeds. It kind of snuck up on me. It took Lisa pointing out the amount of time I've had the problem to realize there was a problem at all.

By the way, Lump's nickname is staying for the time being. The only other option would be the discarded Smiley nickname of 'Maker of Trouble and Mayhem'. She is 100% hell when on the loose in the house, just destroying everything in her path. I took her out of her crib the other day and on the way to the floor as I put her down she grabbed two items off a shelf and threw them across the room. Anything and EVERYTHING she touches is meant to be eaten, thrown, dumped down the stairs, broken, or tipped over. There is not a Cheerio's box in Milwaukee that she hasn't scattered across the floor and I weep for my home when I see her on the prowl.

Tonight it was dance class for the kids and Lisa and wonder of wonders, when we got home the kids made it from the van to the house without tears, screaming, or violence.

It was like winning the lottery.


Bridgett said...

I've been glued to the TV all day.

I watched the inauguration with my 4 year old. I hope she remembers, even if she didn't 'get it.'

Parker was always 'tall and skinny' and Autumn was always 'short and skinny.' That still applies to this day.

Anyway...I need to go to bed. I'm exhausted. All that TV watching will do that to ya. LOL


Sybil said...

I am sorry that teh girls didn't get to watch the inauguration on TV. (when you think what rubbish they are allowed to watch) I thought actually that the day might be a public holiday...I watched TV all afternoon here and enjoyed it all very much. I sincerely hope and pray that your new President can lead your country, and by doing, that help the rest of the world to get back on it's feet with of course, as he says, the help of everyone else..
Love Sybil xx

Estela said...

At the high school the kids were watching the inauguration in every single class. No escaping any of it. I'm surprised that wasn't true everywhere at all grade levels. Regardless of the politics, it is a momentous occasion to be swearing in the first bi-racial president. :)

lisa jo said...

do you have a humidifier? my kids are 16 (son), and 20 (daughter), and when she was a toddler we bought a green plastic frog shaped humidifer and used it year around to get moist air in the house. It was out in the living room, front and center. I never was embarressed. My husband "loaned" it to some mom down the street and i never saw it again. I am still pissed. Anyway, if you have one and can use it in your bedroom or wherever you sleep, it MAY help your nosebleeds.
I have car problems ALL the time. I hate cars. Thank goodness you were able to help out even if your friend breaks your cars all the time.

Jeanne said...

I too think the kids should have seen the inauguration, no matter who the president is...It is history and we are able to change leaders without any problems and free countrys can say that...

I love your post abut the out going of Bush...I think it was rude as to how some people treated him, he did his best and should be given the respect of an x-president

I hope your car problems are over, and Lumb does like to destroy everything haha

Dirk said...

I agree with Jeanne. No matter what the political ideology of the incoming president, his race, or whatever, EVERY inauguration is history because we're one of the few countries on earth that has a regular, peaceful transition of power. When I was in school in the '60's & '70's, such events were seen or at least heard on the intercom every time. Schools don't do it much anymore & I think that's one of the ways our public schools shortchange our young people today.

As for the sexist doctor - I would have to say something about that. No reason for that sort of thing & I would the doctor know how I felt about it. Of all the nerve!

Hope you get better soon. Do go on & see a doctor - if it turns out to be a sinus infection, antibiotics are the only thing that will get rid of it. I do tend to procrastinate myself on sinuses before seeing a doctor.