Sunday, August 10, 2014

Vote on August 12th!

The race for the local state assembly seat has been fiercely contested, and the candidates have visited my neighborhood incessantly . How often do we see a candidate? Last week one of them, Jonathan Brostoff, was taking to a neighbor of mine when he stopped to wave hello and call out "Hi Dan".

Now, I've been told I'm hard to forget, but either he's got the memory of a born politician, or he and I have conversed far more than the norm for a primary election. As annoyed as I am by the constant swarm of candidates, I'm happy so many people care about our area and its future.

For the record, my vote is going to Brostoff. This being a progressive enclave of Milwaukee, all the candidates are left of center. That goes for Brostoff too, which isn't where you'd normally find me. But he seems to have a solid head on his shoulders, and a coherent grasp on the issues facing this community,even if we disagree on a few of his solutions, I admire his work with the homeless in our city, and from what I can tell from our conversations, I like him personally.

 So, there ya go. My votes for Jonathan. 

No matter who you choose, get out there on Tuesday and vote. If you don't make your voice heard, you can't t complain when the politicians don't listen. :)

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