Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Can we Make a Difference? I'd like to think we can.

In this, The Year of The Comeback, we have made it our goal to try and devote a small part of our lives to giving back to others in our community. We’re doing this not only because it is the good and Christian thing to do – and I don’t say that tongue in cheek – but because the mere act of giving will empower you. It says to your soul that you are not a victim, that you are no longer relegated to the sidelines and that you can make a difference in the world. You might remember our ill-fated charity walk for the local food pantry. Our efforts have been small since then; a donated can of food here, a dollar or two to a charity drive here. We don’t have much to give.

 This past Friday however, I got a catalog from Heifer International. Since 1944 Heifer International (HI) has assisted in livestock and agricultural training and assistance to alleviate hunger and poverty around the world. Their goal for the people they help is self reliance, which is important – I am, after all, a Republican – and what the catalog allows you to do is simple but breathtakingly powerful.

For a set price, you can provide a family halfway across the globe with an animal that will help that family provide food and fertilizer, and in some cases provide products the family can sell to gain a better financial footing. There are some pricy gifts; the top of the line is $25,000 for a gift that will provide acreage and schooling for a community; then there is the $5,000 ‘Ark’, which provides a pair of 15 different animals to families, who are then obliged to ‘pay it forward’ by donating one of the pair’s offspring to another needy family.

Obviously I can’t afford $25,000 or even $250 for that matter; good intentions be damned, someone still needs to pay the mortgage and utilities. Even so, we can still do some good.

A sheep, goat, or pig is $120 – a ‘share’ of one purchase is $10.

A trio of rabbits is $60 – a share is $10

A gift of honeybees – which provides not only food but a potential income – is $30.

So sometime early next week I’m going to call a family meeting. We’ll all decide on what our goal will be, and hopefully by Christmas that gift will be on its way to some deserving family.

I really feel this is a good program and something worthwhile. I hope we can make a difference in someone’s life. 


Kelly MacNeil said...

Kelly here with Heifer International. Thanks so much for including our mission in your holiday plans and sharing this with your family. I love the title of your post. You'll definitely be doing a LOT of good. We appreciate it.

Donna said...

As the owner of a cow who provides our milk and meat, this seems like a wonderful charity that surely does a world of good.