Tuesday, June 2, 2009

After 17 miserable years, The Tonight Show is finally in the hands of someone funny. Will wonders never cease?

Huzzah! We got the kids to school this morning a mere 12 minutes late, a clear victory in my book!

* * * *

Last night, we tuned into Conan O'Brien's debut as host of The Tonight Show. The last time Lisa and I sought out the show was Carson's farewell, as even before we met we were in agreement that Leno SUCKED.

So how did Conan do? As expected there were first-time jitters and they tried too hard with a skit or two, but I give it a thumbs up. It was a funny and lively introduction into the O'Brien era. I remember Conan's debut on Late Night and trust me, this was far more impressive.

Wil Ferrell? Pearl Jam? The return (Hallelujah!) of Andy Richter? How could he go wrong?

There's a new sheriff in town boys, and it looks like Dan and Lisa might finally have a reason to watch broadcast TV after prime time.

* * * *

Last night I dreamt that I sliced open my right calf on the edge of a metal counter. In the morning I got out of bed and noticed a new, mild cut on my calf. I don't sleepwalk, and I woke up curled and snug in my blanket. Coincidence? Sure.

But if I hear kids chanting "One, two Freddie's coming for you" I'm never going to sleep again.


jeanne said...

I agree with you about Leno, didn't like him...But sorry, I don't like Conan either. So I stoped watching the tonight show after Carson left. I remember all five of the hosts of the tonight show. Didn't like Steve either.

As far as your leg goes, was it a scratch or a cut? Its a strange dream for sure but your response is very funny.

Beth said...

I'm a Letterman fan, so I'll continue to watch him. However, I think Conan is great. I never liked Leno, either, and I don't think I ever watched an entire show when he was host. In fact, I'm pissed that NBC is giving him a prime time slot, because that will take away a good NBC drama in that time slot. You can bet that the Nutwood Nielsens won't be marking down Leno's show!

Rose said...

Johnny Carson was my all time favorite! I watched him nightly for 30 years.

I disagree with you, I personally like Leno and I will watch him at a his new 10:00 slot in the fall.

I'm a night person so I'm up watching TV late most evening unless I find a really good book to read.

Hugs, Rose

The Lam said...

I wasn't a big fan of Leno, but I do love me some Conan. It was an awesome moment when he finally stepped in front of the curtains of the Tonight Show. And man, the brand new set is beautiful! Circle! Circle! Circle!

Bridgett said...

I watched until about 12:15, at which time I could no longer stay awake. But what I watched was funny as hell.

And while I was never a huge fan of Leno, I did love his Monday night Headlines. I always laughed until I cried during those segments.

Creepy about your leg!!! Is there anyway you could have hit your leg against something in your sleep...something close to the bed?



Estela said...

The tonight show is just too late for me. :)