Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Kung Fu" Star David Carradine Dies

I hate to post this on Lu's birthday but David Carradine, star of TV's "Kung Ku" and of the "Kill Bill" movies, is reported to have passed away in a Bangkok hotel room. He was 73.

My lifelong memory of him? Confusion. Kung Fu was on TV a lot growing up, but as a little kid in the '70's the flashback sequences completely threw me for a loop - total mind melt. It remains my primary memory of the show and its star.



The Lam said...

Sad sad sad. I read unconfirmed reports that he may have took his own life :(

mov4me said...

I read a report that said it was auto erotic asphyxiation.

Estela said...

The news was very unexpected. I loved the Kung Fu series.

Jeanne said...

It is sad, but the way he died is sick if the report (Auto Erotic Asphysiation) is correct. I loved the Kung Fu series, but now with that report, it just doesn't seem right.

Bridgett said...

Like the others, I've been reading everywhere it was auto erotic asphyxiation. :(

If so, what a pointless death.


Beth said...

I loved the show and never missed it when I was a kid. I've only heard "hanging" so far. Very sad.