Friday, June 5, 2009

LuLu's Birthday

I think LuLu's birthday went pretty well. My Mom called and sang happy birthday to her on our answering machine near midnight, and at the stroke of twelve I went and gave her a kiss on the forehead, scaring the sleeping child half to death. In the morning she woke up bright and cheerful, opened a gift, then dressed head to toe in a birthday outfit Lisa had bought her. Here she is showing off a bracelet she got as a present.

Then she took some decorated cookies to school as a treat. They were purchased from a nearby hoity-toity grocery store and so cost far and above their true worth - I'm telling you, it was obscene - but what the hell. They were beautiful.

I left for work at noon, but afterschool Lisa brought cupcakes to their Daisy meeting to celebrate, and then picked up Chris and her kids and took them all to McDonald's to play. I got home from work at 9, just after they pulled in. The first thing out of LuLu's mouth: "Dad, is that a new shirt you're wearing? It's very nice." Only the fashionista would have noticed.

Even though it was a schoolnight Lisa allowed Chris' kids to stay over, which is highly unusual for us. I sang her Happy Birthday, since I'd missed all the events of the day, and sent her upstairs. LuLu went to sleep happy and content, and I think it was a great birthday.

Her party, btw, is Saturday.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday LuLu! Looks like she had a good day, and the cookies really were beautiful!

Bridgett said...

So glad she had a good birthday. Believe me, she'll remember it forever.

And those cookies look so yummy. Pretty too!