Monday, June 15, 2009

Pizza Hut with Smiley and Ginger

Smiley came home from school one day with a certificate for a free pizza from Pizza Hut, some kind of reward for reading. Odd that, as the boy can't read a lick. But, free food is free food, and one day when the older girls were out and about I took Smiley and Ginger to claim his prize.

Here's some pics from that day.






As an extra-special Bonus pic, here's one of Ginger goofing around with a Santa hat.


jeanne said...

Love the pictures, I'm sure that smiley was popping his buttons because he paid for the pizza. He sure is fun and so friendly.

Bernadette said...

They're too cute!

..I remember getting free pizza coupons in grade school, it was for reading I think...I wish they still did those here!

Sybil said...

That wee Ginger is sure cute !! Good to that you were able to spend time with just the two of them.
Love Sybil x

Bridgett said...

A reading reward when he can't read at all, huh?

Hey, whatever works! haha

You're a brave man taking two small kids to a pizza place by yourself. ;)